United Kingdom Bertie
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Saturday, 11 February 2017, 15:22

Hi all,


I banned CriscoCube last night for being abusive on our server.  Seems there was some sort of issue with him being banned on the BBQ server.  He received warnings but just became more abusive.


[22:08:01] (PlayerSay Evil-monk-80) Evil-monk-80 you TEAMKILLED CriscoCube. Watch your fire! This is your 1 victim.
[22:07:54] CriscoCube > ahahaha
[22:07:57] CriscoCube > !p
[22:08:13] Evil-monk-80 killed for team killing.
[22:08:15] CriscoCube > bbq noobs follow Kiss
[22:08:24] Evil-monk-80 > you kiss people dont have respect
[22:08:34] CriscoCube > ur a fucking noob
[22:08:34] toxie147 > suck it evil
[22:08:37] Evil-monk-80 > you suck
[22:08:40] CriscoCube > play the game as it was meant to be
[22:08:55] Bellwhacker > they never have thats why ga4lord is no longer a dj member
[22:09:00] Evil-monk-80 > jhahah rules dude rules
[22:09:03] CriscoCube > he quit cause ur all noobs
[22:09:17] bertiebigbollox > i suggest you stop typing
[22:09:20] CriscoCube > i get banned for calling out the truth... that bbq is a noob clan
[22:09:26] Evil-monk-80 > you lost hahahahah
[22:09:26] toxie147 > that guy kicked me because i where better at the game than him
[22:09:30] toxie147 > thats
[22:09:37] Evil-monk-80 > you are the noobs
[22:09:38] toxie147 > thats why im a bit slaty
[22:09:46] toxie147 > salty
[22:09:47] CriscoCube > then why do you need to kick us and set rules to beat us?
[22:10:00] bertiebigbollox > crisco
[22:10:02] bertiebigbollox > shut up
[22:10:04] CriscoCube > why
[22:10:06] bertiebigbollox > Kiss shut up
[22:10:11] bertiebigbollox > because you're being dicks
[22:10:11] Evil-monk-80 > jhahahah
[22:10:19] CriscoCube > u shutup dont call me a dick u cunt
[22:10:21] CriscoCube > go fuck urself
[22:10:25] CriscoCube > who are u to call me a dick
[22:10:27] CriscoCube > douche
[22:10:50] CriscoCube has left the server ***banned at this point***
[22:10:50] -- CriscoCube -- Left Server
[22:10:39] Evil-monk-80 > sorry dj did not know its your server
[22:10:41] bertiebigbollox > he wont be coming back
[22:11:22] bertiebigbollox > snowflake your mate is an idiot
[22:11:49] bertiebigbollox > he is banned
[22:12:18] bertiebigbollox > crisco that is
[22:12:27] toxie147 > why tho
[22:12:34] bertiebigbollox > why? you didn't see chat?



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Sweden Skywalkah
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Saturday, 11 February 2017, 23:37

maybe could have told him to take it to their forum or so.. he was accusing the other clan, not us.. until you called him a dick.
ive played with plenty of kiss-guys over the years, never had an issue. always friendly n fun..

United Kingdom Bertie
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Sunday, 12 February 2017, 01:57

Sky, they brought some sort of feud onto our server. Actually what I said was they were being dicks, subtle difference but means behaving like a dick. This was also after several warnings. Crisco has an attitude problem every time he's joined our server and he's no longer welcome. I don't have an issue with any other members of their clan and are welcome to join. I also sent snowflake a private message afterwards.


However all that said, I made a decision as an admin of this clan to remove someone, after being warned several times, that was causing problems and has previously caused problems on our server.


This post is public for Kiss/Crisco and our clan to know why someone was banned, not for general comments from DJ members.

United Kingdom Hans_Brix655
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Sunday, 12 February 2017, 11:55

Seems fair

Sunday, 12 February 2017, 12:18

KISS clan are ok..


Crisco has always been a cocky oik


He deserved a ban.. Basic lack of respect   

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