Rules Destruction Jockeys

Becoming A Member

The best way to become a member is to play online with other DJ members, hang out in our Discord server (details on servers page) and just let everyone get to know you. This will help your application process alot if we know you before you apply, however it is not compulsory.  We are currently looking for new active members.

If you want to become a member of DJ then it is required that you are not in another clan that plays the same game.

Please post requests on our special recruitment page.


Tag Usage

The DJ tag is to be held with high regard by all members. It is a tag that is hard earned and well deserved by those who wear it. It should be worn with pride and honor. The tag is a symbol of unity, teamwork and above all, reputation. Those colors don't run.



Any member of DJ found cheating will be immediately and irreversibly removed from the clan. NO EXCEPTIONS. We take cheating very seriously and will not put up with it. DJ takes a ZERO TOLERANCE stance with cheating.

However, someone simply saying "DJ Member 'so and so' was cheating" will not be considered sufficient proof to remove someone from the clan. The accuser must be able to provide at least one demo / screenshots of a DJ Member using an aim bot or other such cheat. Additionally, the accuser must provide an admin contact of the server the demo was recorded on so that the IP address of the member can be verified.



DJ has built a solid reputation and as such members will conduct themselves in a manner that continues to promote and build upon that reputation.

Remember, your actions not only reflect upon you, but upon the clan as a whole. When on a server, forum or any other means of communication, conduct yourself as you would have someone conduct themselves in your home. Common courtesy goes a long way.



Our servers are paid for entirely by member contributions and whilst contributions aren’t compulsory, if all members contribute the cost is quite low for each person per month. We understand everyone has different circumstances and can't necessarily afford money for gaming. Before renewal the management will ask how many members can contribute and will communicate the amount needed per member. For transparency, we will also communicate the server running costs as part of this process. A typical contribution is £10 per person, per renewal which is currently every 3 months although the more members contributing, the amount will reduce. If the renewal amount is too much for anyone, any contributions help towards running costs, you can pay either in one sum, monthly or just whenever you can afford it. We absolutely DO NOT make any profit from contributions and if there is any surplus funds, these will be held and used for either additional servers / Discord slots as needed by the clan or will be subtracted from future renewals. Payments can be made by PayPal.

*Please note, donations are updated automatically so it can take a short while for the information to appear on the website. If this is not updated with 48 hours, please let a member of management know.



At DJ we are always striving to be the best clan that we can, both in terms of winning matches but also having fun with all the members. Therefore it is appreciated if you can let us know when you are going to be away for a period of time so that the clan can work out who's available and who's not (also stops us worrying about you like a mother!). Failure to do so could end up with you put on the "inactive list" of members or even worse removed from DJ and none of us want that.



Not only are you expected to be on Discord whenever possible when playing but you are required to check the website regularly. This does not mean "when I can be bothered". Important information regarding the clan and upcoming matches will be posted on the website and using the excuse of "I didn't know" will not be acceptable. It only takes 5 mins a day before you start playing to check the website for new forum posts and matches that you might be interested in.


Leaving Destruction Jockeys

Each member is free and independent. DJ is a community of independent players. Any member who wishes, will be able to withdraw without any explanation obligation. It’s just requested for him to inform the community.

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